Monday, February 17, 2014

About This Blog

Welcome to On Faith, a blog of reflections on faith--and culture, society, politics, life, death, religion and pretty much everything else that faith touches in the world.

I am the Faith Page columnist for the Winnipeg Free Press. Since 2003 I have written over 250 columns for that paper, and for other publications. 

Many of these columns can be found deep inside the Free Press archives. But I thought it might be handy to post them all in one place for those who might be interested in what I hope is a stimulating look at how faith intersects with the matters of the world. 

Plus, it's also a way for me to gather my columns and reflections into one place--an online archive, or historical record.

The blog is also a place for me to share other things that won't be published in other places, or provide links to interesting reflections by other writers and bloggers.

If you want to re-publish any of these columns or reflections, send me a note. I am happy to grant permission. If you are a publication that pays writers for their work (increasingly rare these days), I'll happily accept your offer.

My e-mail address: 

Note: Although I am a Christian, this is not a Christian blog. It's about faith, in its various expressions. 

John Longhurst, Winnipeg 

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